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Redefined Pool Craftsmanship

With 4 Rose Pools, our aim is to provide your family with a pool that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also innovative in their design.


After seeing 20 years of pools built with lack of creativity and the construction of the pool not set up for easier maintenance for the customer, we set out 4 Rose Pools to be different from what we had seen offered in the Topeka area.

That’s why we’ve outlined what you can expect from us.”

Neal Rose



We aren’t in the business of building a pool and leaving.

We’re a company that will be there throughout any lifecycle of a pool - We build it, take care of it, and service it.  Our goal is to be with you for the entire life you are with the pool.

We think about the way it's set up to be better for you to maintain year after year.

That’s why using technology like UV lighting comes standard with all of our pools, to kill any bacteria that would try and grow in a pool.  We use variable speed pumps because it's more energy efficient and quieter.

4 Rose Pools

Our pools are not cookie cutter

We don't use the standard white fiberglass edge or stairs that fade over time. All of our pools are linear, which achieves a clean, elegant look that will blow the cookie-cutter standard pool out of the water.

We don't just build pools, we can design and build the backyard you've always wanted. In addition to building your pool, we can install landscaping and even build you a pool house. We have partnerships to transform your space into your dream backyard.

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